Spiritual Intuitive Coaching

Are you butting up against a glass ceiling in your career? Do you know what you want in your life but get in your own way? Do you lack confidence in yourself to take action on the things you really desire or is your action inconsistent? Do you ever wonder what you are here for?

I channel divine angels and your guardian angels to help you clarify your purpose and path. Then we do exercises to help you release any fear or resistance you may have to making any of the changes your guides suggest, so you can more easily take action to manifest what you desire.

I am a spiritual intuitive coach.

What does a Private Session Look Like?

Sessions are 60min long and are held using Zoom video conferencing.

First, I connect with you and allow you to share what is happening in your life.

Then, I connect to Spirit on your behalf and we receive a live channeled message.

Finally, I check with your physical body to make sure it is able to integrate the message.

Your channeled message can be recorded for you to listen to later.

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Client Testimonials

“I highly recommend a spiritual intuitive confidence coaching session with Rose. To experience a session with Rose is to lean into connection with the divine, the oneness that is the centrifuge of angels, guides and humans. She is extremely respectful of boundaries and professional during the process so that you can relax into the experience and feel comfortable. From my experience there are times when we need to feel the divine through the human spirit. Rose provides this opportunity. A session with Rose feels like coming home to yourself.”

– Dana, Life & Health Coach

“My session with Rose took me somewhere else, to another level of allowance, knowing and trust. The energy shift is palpable. Her gift is unique and powerful. I am forever changed and grateful.”

– John, Musician

“I loved working with Rose.  I was at a real crossroads of my life and figuring out which way to go next.  She was able to channel information with me that really resonated and I needed to hear.  And then she was able to help me integrate all this new information and most importantly – get out of my own way to allow it to flow.”

– Amy, Banking Executive

“Rose is lovely! In our session together, she channeled messages that felt true for me and confirmed a lot of things I was unsure about at the start. By the end of the session, I felt relaxed, calm, and tingly with a lot of positive possibility for myself and my future. I have homework I can work on to help my body integrate the messages discovered for me, and for the first time in a long time, I am excited about what my future holds, instead of scared. Thank you, Rose!”

– Kat, Actress

Is Group Coaching available?

Group programs are sometimes offered.

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