Zero to Hero represents the spirit of this program that is dear to my heart. Over ten years ago I felt like I was starting at zero when it came to exercise. I had no idea how to listen to my body, recover from workouts and make progress at the same time. I was a dancer and multi-sport competitive athlete until I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia as a teenager and here I was in my 20’s with a body that felt like it was 85 years old. I had no idea how I would accomplish it, but my goal back then was to get back to being an athlete. I started at zero with the most gentle and basic pilates exercises and it took some time but I have been a competitive athlete again now for five years. Every single day I feel like I overcame all odds to be where I am and doing what I am doing. This is what I want for you! Let’s start at the beginning and take you one step at a time to a place where you feel like your own hero. 


Zero to Hero is a one hundred percent online workout program. What you are purchasing is a 12 month program that includes videos and programming that you will follow for all of your exercise each week for that year. You will also receive 30min one-on-one coaching calls with me once a month for the full year of the program. After you have completed the program you will continue to have access to the content moving forward to use as you like in combination with additional exercise that you take on.


I designed this program specifically for people who have received a chronic illness diagnosis and who have been told that exercise would be helpful in managing their symptoms and increasing their energy level. I find this recommendation is given liberally but there are almost no actual tools to take this advice! Zero to Hero also works well for people who have chronic pain from injuries and some forms of arthritis (when physical therapy has been completed and individuals have been cleared for mild exercise).


As someone who has always defined herself as an active person, it was really hard to accept that a couple minor injuries was keeping me from being unable to do my favorite workouts and activities. The more I pushed, the worse my ankle and knee felt, and then the less I could do. On top of that, I work in a field that requires me to be on my feet all day, so I don’t really have much time to rest my legs. Zero to Hero is giving me the tools to keep my body ready to move for my day job, so that I’m no longer broken down and weary at the end of a shift. When I feel more capable after work, it’s easier to try new things, work towards getting back to the level of physical activity I used to have, and being my best self! Imm on the road to success!


Mary St. Angelo
Actress and Stunt Woman

I have been living with multiple sclerosis for the past 8 years.  My diagnosis was a bit of wake up call to change my lifestyle from couch potato to one that was even a teensy a bit more active.  I started very small by going for short walks, taking the stairs up one flight, and along the way,  I met more and more people who helped me increase and expand my new found love of being active.  My short walks became longer, and a bit faster and before I knew it, I was signing up to run 5K races, then 10Ks, then half marathons, and then marathons. It was during marathon training when I began to understand the importance of supplementary training exercises that did not tax my system.  Multiple sclerosis is notorious for keeping people from moving, but not if I can help it!


Hannah Perryman
MS Advocate and Social Worker

If you’ve ever tried exercising and put yourself in a flare, give this program a look. There are real strategies on how to do this in a way that helps you feel better, not worse! Learn from Rose, a fellow fibromyalgia warrior about how to get your body moving safely when you have fibromyalgia.

Tami Stackelhouse
Fibromyalgia Coach and Author

“As far as value – to me this program has been quite valuable. I am really benefiting from it and this is the longest I have been able to stick to a work out program without getting hurt. I’m usually hurt in the first month and at the doctor – either casted or given medication or told not to continue.”

Brenda Faverio
Mom and Fibro Warrior


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Pilates is a comprehensive system of exercise that was created by Joseph Pilates. I fell in love with Pilates over a decade ago because I found the exercises help me increase body awareness while allowing me to adapt and scale exercises and workouts whenever necessary to allow my body, actively dealing with Fibromyalgia flares at that time, to slowly build strength and endurance over time.

Pilates is gentle on the body and has a quick recovery time if done intelligently. I have been able to use this exercise method along with further education I received as a personal trainer successfully with numerous clients dealing with a variety of forms of chronic pain and injuries over the past 10 years. This knowledge along with my personal experience has enabled me to thoughtfully create this program and I am excited to be able to share it with a wider market!


Do I need equipment? 

No special equipment is needed. A mat is nice but putting a towel down on a carpeted floor will work just fine.

Is it online?

Yes! The program is 100% online. All you need is a device or computer with internet capabilities and an internet connection.

How will you decide where I start?

I am starting everyone at zero to best educate you on the things you need to do to move through the program most effectively. From there you will be given options to make workouts easier or more challenging depending on how you are feeling that day.

How much connection and support do I get from you? 

So much! You will have 30min one-on-one coaching calls with me once a month for the full year of the program. I also request that you fill in progress reports once a week that are sent directly to me. This is done through a form right on the website where the program lives. The participants who are thriving in the program use me, and my 20 years of knowledge, actively as a resource. How this looks is that they keep me updated with how they are doing and they let me know what they need. I usually respond within 24 hours and often create videos to answer questions.

How do know know when I can move to the next level?

You will automatically have access to more challenging workouts every 6 weeks and most people will move on at this schedule. The progress reports should help me identify cases where participants need to spend more time before moving ahead. Again, check in with me and I will help advise you what is best for your body.

Will the programing be personalized?

Everyone is following the same general guidelines with the programming but personalization is possible through the channel I described above. I am able to answer questions and offer modifications where needed. I will also always do my best to help participants trouble shoot their own specific challenges.

Does the program include one on one coaching or personal training?

You get unlimited access to me via email and I usually respond within 24 hours. You will also receive 30min one-on-one coaching calls with me once a month for the full year of the program. So far this has worked for all participants. If you would like additional support that is something we could discuss.

What if I want to move ahead in the program faster?

Awesome! I recommend following the program as written and if you find you are able to do additional exercise I will encourage you to find other forms of exercise that you love to do and begin incorporating that intelligently. This is something we can figure out together if the time comes!

What if I want to do other forms of exercise in addition to this program?

Great! I encourage this and in many cases this will be important to incorporate. The main goal of this program is to integrate regular exercise into a healthy lifestyle and build endurance slowly over time. I expect that by the time this program finishes participants will have been able to slowly begin including things that they used to love to do for exercise prior to their health or fitness setbacks. Let’s get you back to doing the things you love with the people that you love!

What happens if the workouts are too challenging?

Ask me for help! As I have mentioned above – modifications exist in the videos and if more modifications are needed I am more than happy to supply them. One of my biggest gifts as a fitness professional is my creativity – I love when I get to use it.

Will there be nutrition coaching?

Nutrition coaching is not included in the cost of the program but participants can reach out to me to set up a complimentary 30 minute nutritional consultation (See Above) and we can create the correct plan for their needs.