Imagine being in the hardest situation you have yet experienced in your little more than 20 years on the planet. Not being religious but not knowing what else to do so you get down on your knees and pray to a higher power – pray that there even is a higher power – and somehow this moment fills you with the bravery and courage you need to stand back up on your feet and continue.

Imagine a tragic accident and the sudden loss of someone very close to you. A few years later you walk down a busy street in New York City and a light touch – was it a touch? – on your left shoulder lets you know you need to take a step to your right. You do. Right after you step a dangerous amount of snow and ice falls off a building to land exactly where you were just standing.

Synchronicity and magic are swirling around us, through us, within us, all the time.

As a personal trainer and Pilates instructor (when her name was still Megan Densmore before she changed it to Rose Harwood) Rose discovered that she could use her intuition to help others. When working with clients with chronic pain she could reach beyond her technical knowledge to find solutions that would remove or successfully manage the issues her clients were facing. She used this ability to create Zero to Hero – an online workout program specifically designed for people dealing with Fibromyalgia.

Rose is a working actress, writer and producer, and after spending nearly two decades in the fitness industry she has fully embraced her gifts as a spiritual intuitive to begin working one on one with clients. If you feel called to work with her there is a reason you made it this far.

“From my experience there are times when we need to feel the divine through the human spirit.  Rose provides this opportunity. A session with Rose feels like coming home to yourself.”  – Dana, Life & Health Coach

“I was at a real crossroads of my life and figuring out which way to go next.  She was able to channel information with me that really resonated and I needed to hear.” – Amy, Banking Executive